About Me

Hi Folks!

My name is Tess, I am a 30-something mother of two girls living in the North-West of England. I have an amazing teenager (Bob - not her real name!) and a fab two year old (Squidge - again, not the name on her birth certificate!)   I am also married to a wonderful and supportive husband (Dude) and we have a cute, if somewhat moody, cat called Maryla (that is her real name!).

I am currently working towards a physics degree, part-time, distance learning via the  Open University (OU) and plan to go on to postgrad/research eventually - if you are interested, you see what I love about studying with the OU here.  I love star-gazing, reading, Sci-fi, kitchen gadgets, lists, shopping for pretty things like popsicle fairy lights and the likes and obviously spending time with my family! 

Things I really dislike are washing up, washing up ...and washing up! And very early mornings!

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