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Degusta Box Review - My First Box!

Disclaimer: I bought this box myself, I wasn't paid nor asked to do this review and my views are entirely my own!

I am not sure about you, but I love watching unboxings, cleaning vids, day in the life (DITL) etc on Youtube (I'm nosy, what can I say!) and this is where I first came across Degusta boxes - I was a little intrigued and after finding a voucher online (it was a Degusta ad on Google) which brought the cost down to £5.99 I decided to give it a whirl.  A little bit of a boost before the kids (or kid in our case - the youngest is still by my side at all even when I go to the loo!) went back to school.

After placing my order, I received an email telling me that my parcel would be delivered between 5th and 10th of September (I placed my order on 31st of August).  I then received notification that the parcel would arrive on the 5th and between 10am and 11 am - I do like an efficient service that doesn't see me stuck in all day with a bored toddler only for the parcel to arrive at teatime!

Anyways, back to the box! The excitement! I love a good suprise!

The box itself was a good size and the weight indicated that it wasn't full of bubble wrap or other weightless packing (though the contents were packed well and securely, just not excessively!)

So this is what I received in my box:

  • 2 bottles of Orangina (1 normal and 1 light both in limited edition bottles)

  • 2 packets of Lightbites Popped Chips (Soya and chickpea crisps - Sweet and Smoky Chipotle flavour, and Pesto and Sundried Tomato) - I haven't tried these yet but they do sound tasty!

  • 1 Variety pack (6 bags) of Seabrook crinkle cut crisps (2 sea salt, 2 sea salt and vinegar and 2 chese and onion) 

  • 1 bottle of Hellmann's Mayonaise (squeezy 250ml)

  • 1 bottle of mild green Tabasco sauce - I am going to try this next week, the box contained a recipe card for ribs using the Tabasco so will be giving these a go.

  • 1 bag of Refresher Softies sweets - Moreish! 

  • 1 share bag of CurlyWurly Squirlies - curly wurly but in small size! 

  • 1 packet of Black and White PickUp! biscuits - I wasn't blown away by these but the teen really enjoyed them and has asked me to get them again

  • 2 packets of maggi noodles (hoisin duck, and sweet chilli)

  • 1 bar of Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee and Whole Nut - didn't get a look in! The husband thoroughly enjoyed it! 

  • 2 Fruitpot Jelly Squeeze pouches (apple & blackcurrant, and orange) - I didn't know whether these would be hit or miss with the toddler - she doesn't enjoy jelly normally - and still doesn't! I did have a taste but the texture did not appeal!  However, the teenager enjoyed them! ha! 

  • 1 bottle of Halo Coconut Water, Ginger and Vodka drink (4%)

A degusta subscription box containing a selection of snack foods and drinks
A few surprise treats in a Degusta box - August 2017

What did I think?

I love that you don't know what you are going to get - I guess that is part of the fun of getting a Degusta Box - a nice little surprise turning up on your door, and even as an adult getting a surprise is fun - puts a little smile on your face (or it did mine - t'was like Christmas!).  I also like that there are items in the box that I maybe wouldn't have picked up in the store when doing my shopping - such as the green Tabasco as I wouldn't know what to use it for,  so the fact that the box came with a recipe card to use the Tabasco was a bonus - the rib recipe sounds really nice and has been added to next weeks menu plan in fact!

I paid, for this box, £5.99 so the contents in my opinion were more than worth it. The normal price is £12.99 - again this price is less than the actual recommended retail price of the contents but this brings me to what I think is my only negative of this box.  Some of the items were stuff that I would normally put in my shopping anyway, so weren't that exciting - I would buy mayo, and multipack crisps - not necessarily these brands but to me they are kitchen staples for packed lunches etc.  and to be honest I am not likely going to change what brands of those that I buy already as I like them and they are reasonably priced.  But, it is only a minor issue - and each month is different products (you can look back on the website for what was in previous boxes) so a few of my normal staples in my box now and again isn't too much of a problem!

* * * * * * * * * * * 

Have you tried Degusta boxes? What did you think? Do you use any other subscription boxes - food or otherwise?

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Enjoy your weekend folks!

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