Thursday, 3 August 2017

Toddler Day Bag - What To Pack!

This morning I caught myself without my usually well packed toddler change bag when taking a trip to the doctors.  I realised (the hard way!) how helpful certain bits are so thought I would share with you what I normally pack in my toddler day bag! It definitely came in helpful earlier this week when we took the train to Blackpool for a fun day of Sealife and rides!

My favourite change bag is my JuJuBe Be Prepared - it was my normal bag to carry when Squidge was a very little one and we had a mountain of cloth nappies, bottles, sling and toys....well you get the idea - pretty much everything but the kitchen sink!  I don't use as much any more as it is a little too big for what we need for a couple of hours out of the house. (It does get used regularly for swimming and longer days though!)

The bag we now use every day was the small one that you get when you join the Boots Baby Club - you just have to buy a bag of Pampers newborn.  I am though, looking forward to carrying a real handbag again when the time comes (I do have a cheap little Primark number for those rare days I am toddler free)!

These are my toddler change bag essentials for a slightly sane life!

Nappies /creams (or pants) - we currently use Aldi and carry a travel pot of sudacrem.  I used to carry coconut oil when we used cloth nappies (it works as a great nappy cream without damaging cloth nappy absorbency).

Wipes  - I am not really loyal to any particular brand - as long as they are delicate on Squidge's sensitive skin and don't break the bank then I am happy.  *Tip* I always carry a full pack (or whatever is left in the pack) in the main compartment but sometimes you need to lay your hand on one in a hurry so I carry two folded up and stored in a little snack bag (I get small ones from the supermarket) and in the front pocket of the bag. Can lay my hand on them in a flash.

Change of Clothes - in the current weather I pack a few thin layers for her as the weather here is shockingly unpredictable, that way I can make sure she is warm or cool enough.

Snacks - I have found the least messy type of snack for Squidge is mini flavoured rice cakes. I tend to buy large bags from Boots when they are on special offer (4 for price of 3 type thing) and if we are only out for a couple of hours then put a few in a small snack bag, I also carry raisins now she can eat them.  I buy the large bags of raisins from the baking aisle and dispense into little reusable tubs.  So much cheaper than the little boxes.  I also carry a small water bottle for her or her non-spill 360 cup.

Cutlery - have you ever seen an uncoordinated two year old try to use a spoon designed for an adult giant? It is rather messy! I carry a small toddler sized spoon and fork in a travel container (I think this one may have been from one of the discount stores such as Home Bargains but they are available from many places at vary price points).

Colouring book/crayons - some places when eating out are really good, provide crayons, colouring sheets etc but not all places, and trying to keep a toddler happy whilst waiting for food or for their food to cool is sometimes much harder than it sounds! They are also handy for times such as travelling on trains or waiting in drs (wish I had them this morning!).

Sun Cream - I carry factor 50 suncream.

Hat /sun glasses -  No stylish child should be seen without the latest seasons summer hat....or in our case the reduced sun hat bought in the sale at the end of last summer because her nice white straw hat was covered in mud (white?! with a toddler?! what the heck was I thinking??) The glasses were also an essential to keep toddler fingerprints off mine!

Squidge's sun protection supplies.

Reins - we do use a Little Life Backpack but the simple reins are always packed in the bag for emergencies (when I say emergencies, I actually the mean the occasions where I remove the Little Life Backpack strap - so Squidge can run ahead at the park - and then proceed to lose it! Duh!).

Stickers - these are our reward system.  Squidge is quite a good child, the odd moment (here is an example!) but these stickers seem to work as a brilliant bribe! We actually bought them to encourage her to let us brush her teeth - she is super independent (which is great) and likes trying to do her own but was missing bits but would not let me get in and finish them off.  However, the chance to pick a sticker afterwards worked wonders, so now I carry them with me for anytime they may be needed!

Wet bag - I bought this back when we used cloth nappies for carrying nappies until we could get home and put in nappy bucket.  It is waterproof - so keeps things in and can be put in the washing machine.  We now use it for swimming but also it is ideal for putting clothes in if we need a change. I suspect it will be of great use when we start potty training and have to venture out in the early days!

Wet bag from Little Bloom
Changing mat - I have a couple of portable changing mats,  one that came with the JuJuBe bag and a swim changing mat that I bought from Boots when Squidge was really little.  Most times places have changing tables, but I have on occasion been caught somewhere there isn't suitable changing facilities and having a small fold up mat is a life-saver!

Anti-bacterial wipes - I used to carry a whole host of antibac products when Squidge was tiny; my favourite was a Milton sterlizing dummy holder which attached to the pram handle.  Now I just carry the wipes - I just like to wipe the table where Squidge will be sitting when eating, more for piece of mind than anything else.

Dummies - I know not everyone is a fan of them but they do get used when Squidge is tired.  She still naps during the day and when we are out and about so we need to carry them for this purpose.  I made the mistake of carrying just one, but after losing it I now make sure we have a couple in the bag.

I also have my bits and bobs in the bag, I don't tend to carry a separate bag for me, so just squeeze my bits in the change bag.  I obviously have my keys and purse.  I also carry my Guess sunnies, mints, make-up bag - I tend not to reapply a lot whilst out - a touch of powder or blusher, a bit of lip gloss and perfume but that is about it whilst on the go.  iPhone and power pack.  I got the power pack from Rymans and it really is essential as my battery is awful, maybe a couple of hours if photographing or video or surfing the web (or sometimes, when it is being super temperamental if it is just switched on and doing nothing!).  I also carry hand sanitizer, hand cream and pens!

Just a few bits of mine...

I'm really not sure how I manage to fit it all in the small bag!

Anyway, I hope this has been of interest to you! Is there anything you carry that I haven't got on my list? Let me know if the comments below :-)

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