Monday, 21 August 2017

Feeding the fussy family

I struggle with meal planning.  I do cook some meals from scratch but my repertoire of meals that everyone will eat is severely lacking and some days I really don't want to cook three or four different meals.

Vegetable Chow Mien..gave it a trial run last week! 

I am going to try to turn it around and try to find meals that will appeal to a 14 year old who struggles with food texture, a two year old who won't eat anything in a sauce nor anything that has been within a 10 mile radius of a tomato (we did have a bit of an issue with her refusing anything red, and I mean anything including sweets, strawberries, ice lollies - but she has appeared to come out the other side of that thankfully, though she still won't entertain tomatoes!).  I am not a massive lover of meat and would quite happily eat vegetarian but the Dude is a carnivore through and through! If I can't find meals to satisfy everyone, then hopefully I can cut it down to only making two different meals, and then having left overs for another day. That's the plan anyway! Wish me luck!

Oh and I also want to try to utilise things that I already have in already.  I have just done a small cupboard sort out and am quite ashamed of the number of jars and tins that had gone out of date as I had forgotten I had them at the back of the cupboard - so I am basically setting myself two challenges this week:

  1. Try to find meals that appeal to all who are eating (husband often works until 10 so it is usually just me and the kids for dinner.
  2.  Use one thing I already have in each meal in a bid to minimise waste.

'Lost' items found in cupboard...

So, after looking through my cupboards I have come up with this list:


Beef stew and dumplings

Dude is off but I am at a late appointment with Bob (the teen) so it will need to be something that keeps - I am thinking Beef stew and dumplings (yes it is summer I know! But the weather is absolutely atrocious lately here).  I will likely have to find something else for Squidge due to the meal being in a gravy so she likely won't touch it. She loves pasta pesto with olives so will probably do that followed by fruit.

Things already in: Suet for dumplings


Chicken burgers in buns with salad and sweet potato wedges

Dude is back at work and on a late shift, so it will just be me and the kids. I have some sweet potatoes in the fridge that need using up so they will make wedges, and I will get some chicken burgers and buns - though Bob will likely not want the bun but hey ho - that I can live with!

Things already in:  sweet potatoes


Roast chicken, Mediterranean vegetables, new potatoes

Dude is off again, so I will be doing a chicken (I need him to carve the chicken when it is cooked!), with Mediterranean vegetables (red onions, courgette, aubergine, red pepper and a packet of swartz seasoning!)

Things already in: Swartz med veg seasoning sachet.


Fajitas and nachos

Dude is at work so it will be fajitas made using a jar of Swartz fajita seasoning , red peppers, cucumber,  - both teen and toddler will eat it without the seasoning - so the jar of seasoning makes more sense than one of the kits. And everyone loves cheesy nachos! 

Things already in: fajita seasoning, wraps.


Chicken biryani / fish fingers for the kids

I suspect this will be fish fingers, potato and carrot waffles, and broccoli for the girls (all of which I have in), and biryani for me - Dude is at work but I will make this in advance so he can take some to work and then there will be a couple of portions left over for lunch for both of us as it keeps for a few days.

Things already in: raisins, turmeric, cardamon pods, fish fingers, frozen broccoli, potato and carrot waffles, cinnamon sticks.


Pizza and a salad.

Well, pizza for Bob.  Squidge and I will have cheesy garlic bread (she loves that).  I am lucky the kids will eat salad (and actually most veg and fruit between them - they just have a few odd food quirks that makes mealtimes a little tricky).

Things have in already:  Actually, nothing for this one! I kinda failed there! 


Vegetable chow mien

I use a good food recipe which is really nice - I know that myself, Dude and Bob will all eat it - and in theory Squidge will likely eat it (she eats all the individual components) but she may not like the coating/sauce - but we shall see! 

Things I have in already:  soy sauce, oyster sauce.

I am really hoping that I can find meals for all - university is due to begin again early October and I am expecting this to be pretty full on this year - Squidge doesn't start nursery until April so reducing the amount I need to cook would be massively helpful!


Do you have a house of fussy eaters? How do you cope with feeding them? What do you feed them?

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