Wednesday, 16 August 2017

3 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

I love creating meals (and desserts!) in the kitchen, but I also love my time. Being a parent (to children that think sleep is for the weak) and an undergrad student - me time is rare so things that give me joy whilst saving me time are most definitely worth having.

I thought I would share with you my 3 favourite kitchen gadgets I have bought (or been bought) over the last few years that save me so much time.



My Kenwood Kmix the first of my favourite gadgets - I had my heart set on a kitchenaid initially but it was out of my price bracket so this was second choice - and you know what? I love it!!

 It comes with a dough hook, metal Kbeater ideal for heavy cookie mixes, a large balloon whisk, and a flexi beater which is silicone and scrapes the sides down as it mixes, so ideal for light mixes such as victoria sponge. Another cool accessory it comes with, which I love is the shield which attaches to the head of the mixer and covers the bowl - have you ever tried mixing something like icing in a stand mixer? The sugar pretty much coats any item within a 10 mile radius - that is not time saving! So this shield is fab - the little flap on the shield allows for you to slowly add water/flavours/colours whilst the mixer is in process without you wearing the mixture!

There are many other accessories you can get for it that attach to the front of the head and are powered by the motor.  There are pasta rollers, spaghetti cutters, juicers, grinders to name just a few! Sadly they do come in with what I consider a hefty price tag so no extra attachments for me.


Second on my list of kitchen gadgets that I love is my Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker and multi cooker (rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker plus others). I make a cracking sausage casserole in it if I do say so myself! (recipe here).

 This machine has definitely transformed the meals I make - imagine - winter, you come home from work (or from picking the kids up from activities they wanted ferrying to and from) and you realise the nice warming stew you wanted to put in the slow cooker in the morning - you forgot! No problem, with an pressure cooker you can cook that stew in half an hour (does need a small amount of time to come to pressure, and then release of pressure) - in my world, anything that can compensate for my minor forgetfulness is well loved!!

  Another favourite meal I make in it is chicken and lemon risotto - 12 minutes (plus prep) and no stirring?!? heck yes! The Dude wasn't sure when I bought it, he isn't a great lover of gadgets that he considers fads (ie. may end up stashed at the back of a cupboard never to see the light of day if I have made those sorts of purchases! Oh no, not me!) but even he conceded that this was one of my better purchases!


This final choice was a little bit harder to pick - I was torn between my frivolous magimix ice cream machine or my food processor with blender attachment (or even my American style side by side fridge freezer which has reduced the number of times I need to nip out to the shops!), it was close but the food processor won out in the end! It's not a fancy one, just a basic run of the mill Kenwood that Dude bought me for my birthday.(I asked for it - it is not the same as buying your significant other a hoover for their birthday! or iron, which he actually bought me for Christmas the first year we were together - oh yes, he really did! Luckily, he also got me some very nice gifts and luckily for him he never expected me to use said iron!) Anyway, I digress!

My food processor is loved pretty much for the same reason I love my other kitchen gadget favourites - the time it saves me is wonderful! It doesn't alter the width of things it chops nor vary the size it grates but it does the job, I have made a small super quick bread dough in it and I have begun making smoothies and milkshakes in the blender attachment.  It grates cheese in a matter of seconds and dices onions at super speed with no watering eyes - need I say more!

So, there you have it. My favourite kitchen gadgets that save me time (and my mascara!).   Do you have a favourite kitchen gadget? Or any gadget for that matter which saves you valuable time?

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