Monday, 10 July 2017

Terrible Twos!

Do you ever have one of those days? Yeah me too. In fact today is one.  GAHHHH!

Woke up feeling a bit out of sorts but thought, no problem (after copious amounts of caffeine and a grumble or two) squidge and I will go for a walk, blow the cobwebs away.   We are really lucky to live near a nature reserve and orchard and plenty of parks even though we are slap bang in the middle of a city.

Got us both dressed, loaded a backpack with snacks and drinks and put Squidge's Little Life Gruffalo Backpack on.  We did initially use basic reins but she decided that she was going to cry every. single. time. that she had to wear them - in the last few months she has become a darter, running and only seeming to understand 'stop' and 'freeeze' during the daily game of musical statues that she insists we play! So reins, or now Little Life Backpack it is!

Off we trot and once we were away from roads I undid the strap on the backpack and off she ran down the paths, laughing, jumping, generally being the normally happy child that she is.  Until it was time to come home, we set off and then I realised we were missing the strap - I normally put it inside the backpack or in my bag if I remove it, so it meant she had to hold my hand as most of the time she won't walk nicely next to me anymore.  This did not go down well, she decided she was sitting on the ground every few steps, crying ow! when I insisted she hold my hand whilst we crossed roads, was chucking her pine cone away that she had lovingly held most of the walk because she was not happy! This child rarely tantrums so these moments I am not prepared for!

Now she is relegated to the buggy for our trip into town this afternoon and until the replacement strap arrives - which has not gone down well again (and they only do a grey replacement, which is making me twitch as it just doesn't go! First world problems and all that!) - oh and she has decided even though she is shattered she is NOT napping today! FML!

And it is only 2.30 pm.....what else does today have in store....

Do your toddlers walk nicely beside you? Or do you have a darter as well?

Hope your day is going smoothly!

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