Saturday, 8 July 2017

Indoor Toddler Fun

We found ourselves stuck indoors yet again yesterday, this time for work being done in the house - the other days were because of a virus - Squidge first (as I posted earlier in the week), followed by Bob (the teen) and me straight after.   I have had to find things to keep Squidge occupied as she has been stuck in for over a week (bar a trip to toddler group with Dude on his day off once she was well).

So yesterday we did craft, lots of glue and pom poms and glittery bits and feathers...slightly gloopy mess but Squidge loves it!

However, one of Squidges favourite things to do if stuck indoors (which she isn't keen on!) is make scones and much to Dudes delight we have made quite a lot over the last few days!  It is a great way to let littlies (yup...that is a word..honest!) help in the kitchen - weighing, mixing, rolling, squashing and cutting...oh the mess! ha!

The mess.....

We used recipe from Leith's Cookery Bible (it is by Prue Leith and Caroline Waldgrave, from the 1996 edition) - this has to be one of my favourite cookbooks.  Dude brought it in to the marriage but I have laid claim to it!

So, how do you eat your scones??  Do you go for scones with jam? Clotted cream?

Warm with Flora and Lemon Curd...YUM! 

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