Monday, 3 July 2017


Five times last night Squidge (the toddler) was up....god I am knackered...she does have an excuse though, poor little mite is ill, she has been plagued by a virus for a few days now.

But it means that I am more in need of coffee than ever.  I am not a morning person at the best of times but on so little sleep it is not fun!

I am a bit of a coffee philistine really, normally.  I enjoy a Starbucks occasionally, or a caramel latte at Esquires coffee shop in the local town centre (I actually had the best. coffee. EVER. from a little coffee stand in a  seaside town on a day trip, just can't remember the name of the coffee brand mores the pity), but anyway at home I normally drink cheap coffee (think supermarket own brand but not the very cheap) but this morning I think I will have one of the dudes Nespresso pods as a pick me up!

I got him a Nespresso (Inissia) machine for Christmas last year, we had £50 budget each and I found this small compact one on Amazon on special offer...I think it retails at about £70 in the shops. His last machine broke a couple of years ago and we never got around to replacing it.

Anyway, I have no idea what flavour coffee I am about to indulge as I took the pods out of the box (it was a mixed box) and put them in a pretty jar on the side...ooh I do like a pretty jar!  I especially like my biscuit jar and its contents that is in the photo - I love bees!   Please excuse my classy coffee cup!

It's quite a good little machine for the price - there are two coffee settings, espresso and lungo and a 0.7 litre tank. It doesn't take long to warm the water for the coffee.  I chose red purely because that was the machine that fell into our budget but there are other colours to choose from, the white one is quite nice.  The pods can work out expensive depending on how much coffee you drink in a day...or maybe it is only me that drinks about eleventy billion cups a day?? This is mainly why I drink cheap coffee - should really cut down and savour something decent. The dude only has one or two a day so the pods that he buys last him quite a while.   There are many flavours and strengths to choose, something for everyone, I had a vanilla one at Christmas that came in the welcome pack that comes with all the machines, 'twas totally lush!

Anyway, I shall go enjoy my coffee whilst Squidge snuggles on the sofa watching Numberblocks.

Leave in the comments your favourite morning all day drink, any recommendations for not too expensive but nice tasting coffee most welcome!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Tess x

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