Friday, 30 June 2017

My first post!! :-)

Argh! This is a little bit scary, the first blog post! I love reading blogs and watching vlogs and thought heck, why not have a go, so here I am.

My name is Tess, Mum to two children (teen and toddler…’tis fun in our house at times!), an OU student (I have just completed the first year studying for a physics degree), and wife to a long suffering dude! Oh and I have a slight exclamation mark addiction, but will try to tame them!

The name for my blog came about as I don't want to write about just fashion (I have my own style...not entirely convinced it can be called fashion though!), or food (that I DO know about!), or crafts, or my studies or just any one area.   I will likely write about anything that is on my mind at any one time hence the name hotchpotch...a mixture of things.

I will write about all these things - a few reviews of my favourite recipes and kitchen gadgets (have I told you yet how much I love my KMix stand mixer?? No?? I will do!), about my attempts at make-up (38 and still haven't mastered eyeliner!), I will write about my studies, days out with my children, I will write about the pretty stationary and cool outfits from Primark (I guess my teen would say I have suddenly made it uncool by using the word cool...I think the yoofs say sick now?....god I feel old!).

If you are still with me and haven't fallen asleep through boredom and would like to read more about me and my random goings on then I will try to post at least once a week and will hopefully see you soon :-)

Tess x